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corporate trainer Bindu talks about her profession

Today we have with us a dynamic young lady Bindu Cherungath, who started her career with different health and publishing industries, and now she is into the domain of Corporate Training, If you are a student and dreaming off what is wrong with this word, let me say that studies never end and learning never ends. The people who work in Microsoft, Google, Amazon or any other growing organization undergo trainings decided by management.

So if you are good at interpersonal skills and presentation, you may attempt to become a Corporate Trainer, I will not speak much as the talking should be done by the trainer!!! Let us know what Bindu cherungath has to say.

Tell us about you in few lines

Name:  Bindu Cherungath

I belong to the fraternity of corporate trainers. I am one of the founder members and the Director of INSIGNIA Solutions Private Limited, a Corporate Training and Organization Development Consultancy in India. I hold a Post Graduate Degree in Chemistry (Delhi University), a Business Management Degree (Amity University) and am also currently pursuing an Organization Development Certification Programme (Indian Society for Applied Behavioural  Science i.e. ISABS).

I spent my initial professional years with health and publishing industries at various capacities. My seven years of work experience spans the areas of Laboratory testing, Calibration, Product Development, ISO Certification, Documentation, Customer handling etc.

In March 2003, I started my entrepreneurial journey with Insignia Solutions Private Limited. Currently my role is to spearhead the Research and Development wing, and to impart various soft skill training programmes to corporate of repute, and also educational / social sectors. we have also ventured into Organization development Consultancy. Customization is our USP.

About your profession in few lines (job responsibilities, lifestyle, overview etc.)

My professional roles include engaging and co-partnering with corporate, educational institutes and social sectors in customizing, designing, imparting training programmes and providing consultancy for organization development. As a corporate speaker, trainer and motivational coach, my interaction involves people from various spectrum of life like CEOs to Workmen, Teachers to Students, Social Leaders to Activists.

Over twelve years of existence in this fraternity, I have travelled the length and breadth of the country and also some parts of the world. It is quite challenging and interesting to engage with people on varied topics, because it triggers a two-way process of learning, understanding and evolving. It sometimes brings a huge paradigm shift in life and perception.

My role as an Organization Consultant facilitates me to be a change catalyst and accelerate the transformation of Self, and the Organization.

Please rate a Corporate Trainer’s  profession on the following career aspects

1. Career Growth  :  Good

2. Job Satisfaction :  High

3. Challenge : High

4. Stress and Pressure : Moderate Stress

5. Respect and Fame in Society : High

6. Family Life  : Work Life balance is good

Advantages of being a Corporate Trainer  ?

  1. Networking
  2. Handling various behavioural topics
  3. High level of satisfaction
  4. Being part of the success stories of individuals and organizations
  5. Getting to the core of the issue
  6. The enjoyment of seeing the transformation in self, individuals and organizations

Disadvantages of being a Corporate Trainer

There is no single point which I can highlight as I dislike about my profession. But, there are certain challenges, which can not be ignored:

  1. Unscheduled working hours
  2. Extensive Travelling
  3. Constant networking with the clients
  4. Continually adding new clients

Working hours, holidays , days a week etc for a Corporate Trainer?

Minimum 10-12 working hours in a day. The schedule is flexible.

Are you engaged in job related work even after working hours?

At times for our own regular up-gradation and networking. Also, it happens that participants try to interact on a personal basis.

Work location & job availability in different countries ?

Organization Development is evolving in almost all the countries. Training and Development is an established area in all the countries. Many organizations prefer to have their panel of internal trainers. So, tremendous scope for both Organization Development and Training Consultancy.

Please explain us typically, how a career graph of Corporate Trainer will be?

When an organization recruits an Internal Trainer, initially the person does training co-ordination and also starts imparting training programmes. It varies according to the organization. Slowly the Internal trainers start customizing the programmes as per the competencies. Later on, the individual may grow to head the Training department of an organization. In India, salary starts approximately at Rupees Fifteen Thousand per month and it can grow to a good amount. Everything depends upon the individuals.

Skills or qualities required to become a Corporate Trainer?

  1. Excellent Oratory Skills
  2. Voracious Reader
  3. Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  4. Good Command on Language – Written as well as Verbal
  5. High Emotional Quotient
  6. Expertise in Curriculum Development
  7. Expertise in Power Point Presentations and Multimedia
  8. Spontaneity
  9. Good Sense of Humour
  10. Understanding the current trends in Organization Development and Training

How to become a Corporate Trainer?

Any individual holding Post Graduate degree of any stream who has a flair for training can enter into this field. Still, MBA from an institute of repute would be an added advantage.

For certifications, one can opt for ISTD, Delhi (Indian Society for Training and Development) trainers’ certification programme. Many other organizations conduct Master Trainer Certification programmes which they announce as per their schedule.

If one wants to pursue career in USA, then ASTD’s certification programme (American Society for Training and Development) would add value.

As  far as Organization Development Consultancy is concerned, ISABS’s ODCP (Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science, Organization Development Certification programme) is of value.

The age and experience criteria are same as that of any other profession when an individual opts to be an internal trainer for the organization. When an individual chooses to become an independent consultant, age is not a bar. More the experience, much more advantage as a consultant or a corporate trainer.

Name 5 top companies in your profession

  1. Dale Carnegie Training India
  2. Franklin Covey
  3. Hero Mindmine
  4. NIS Sparta
  5. Door Training

Contact Details

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